About Dark Rabbit Society




Dark Rabbit Society originated as a natural counterpart to my first brand Chibiloulou. While Chibiloulou is light and optimistic, Dark Rabbit Society embraces our dark side – which I believe is just as important. It became unrealistic for me to only focus on positivity. I wanted/needed to tap into the sarcasm, the dark humor, and the thoughts that we often think but don’t say. Then I thought to myself that if I had this urge, perhaps others do too.


Eco-friendly, sustainable branding

Our greeting cards aren't friendly to humans, but they are friendly to the environment. All DRS cards, envelopes, inserts, and stickers are printed locally on 100% recycled paper, without sacrificing any of the quality. Our shirts are made with eco-friendly dyes and less water. But we don't stop there – our packaging is completely eco-friendly as well.